A Thread to Guess Who Changed the Respect Wanker's Name?

So the main culprits have to be one of the mods, right.

Then again I know Theo is good at computers and has a burning inferno of contempt beneath his mild mannered facade.


I’m just really sorry this has happened, it’s so sad.

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I don’t even know who the mods are anymore.

I think it’s just me and saps at this point.

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I nearly called him the respect wanker the other day but it wasn’t me


The greatest trick the mods ever pulled was their own anonymity.


Whoever it was needs to learn a thing or two about showing ant some more respect around here


Do you not think this was possibly done out of respect, like suggesting maybe Ant pleasures the nature of respect with his existence?

I’ll send the perpetrator 5 pounds

If someone did it without Ant knowing then it’s genuinely pretty out of line tbh.

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Not sure there are any.


He sounded okay with it I think?

The important thing is it wasn’t Ruffers, I should note that here, as by making this thread I have apparently draw attention to myself.


I know but it’s not a great precedent.

I know who it was

Well in that case I’m going to rub my ass all over everything and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it.

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You’ll talk Harru, you’ll talk or you’ll live to regret it.

It was Rebekah Vardy


Do you want a clue

Also there’s literally only one mod

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