A Thread to Guess Who Changed the Respect Wanker's Name?

I guess if every person on here made at least one post a day saying “I respect Tone” that would be enough for me.

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have a good evening Tone

Thanks Bammers, you too, man.

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I messaged a mod asking them to change your name to


or I would have, if people showed you a bit more respect around here

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Thank you for the thought at least

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Thank you for trying all the same.


Will there ever be an end to the respect saga?!?


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It’s something I’ve wanted to suggest for a while now, and I’m glad the moderating team have taken the initiative here.

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Why though?

I’ve had an anonymous tip off

Who from?

Because it’s god damn true.

Very disrespectful!! I’ve penned an open letter to demonstrate my outrage.

To whom it may concern,

I was disappointed to read that my good friend the respect wanter has been subject to a malicious and slanderous name change and I kindly request that it is immediately rectified. Failure to right this grievous wrong shall result in a thread of protest.

Stern regards,


just trimming my nails

I have:

  • Gained respect for tone throughout this
  • Lost respect
  • Maintained the same quantity of respect

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Maintained because it was 0 to begin with


I agree with half of this

is this disrespect or is that a minus number?