A Thread to Guess Who Changed the Respect Wanker's Name?

What is true? That you think I’m a wanker?

Me? Your old pal, Tone. You consider me to be “a wanker”?

I dunno, this really does make me ask a lot of questions about whether or not the connections I have with my fellow community members are nothing but a foundation of dust…


Thank you, Cado. How is life in Carriage C at the moment?

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If only they’d changed his password at the same time as his username

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Bang on (for once).

perhaps people don’t know the answer to the equation

if 1 x = 1 respect, what is x?

We’re trying to see if Medium from the hit tv show Medium can lend some psychic expertise to help solve this mystery

I really thought we were friends.

Got to say Profk really dancing his way up the suspect’s list here

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I have updated this unsightly error of mine

I can’t even begin to imagine the sorts of things. Just so, how and why and a bit of what.

I used to think so too, a long, LONG time ago before the mask was taken off.

I’ve had it, frankly.

I guess the only thing for me to take from this really is that you wish that I couldn’t access this community to make posts and engage with my friends here.

Its really sad to know that’s how people feel but if that’s how people feel I guess that’s all there is to it

I hope you have a good life x

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Would explain a lot

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Barely any respect around here! Saddened that this kind of disrespect is still rampant in the year of our lord 2021


I also hope I have a good life

Been tailing marckee for hours now, if he ever stops dogging I might be able to catch a lead on this situation.


Let’s just say a -arsephone asked…no wait that’s too specific. P- asked for my input on the matter as a valuable and respected member of this community, and I had no choice but to be truthful with respect to the integrity and values of dis.

Let’s leave it at that

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If you’d be prepared to testify I can get you a good deal

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Discobot, can we have some words of wisdom to get us through this trial please @discobot quote