A thread to help community members locate items they have misplaced *Rolling*

“Oh God, where did I put my keys?”

“Now why can’t I find my wallet?”

“I swear my phone was on the table a second ago!”

Sound familiar?

If so you may be one of hundreds of community members who regularly misplace items. But fear not! This is the thread for you! Simply post the item you have misplaced and the community will come together to suggest places you may have left it. Eventually we’re bound to hit on the right one and you will be reunited with your beloved thing.

Happy hunting!

your keys could be in the sunken gap between the two single mattresses on your double bed


Thanks Shrewbs. This is a great example of what the community can bring to this thread x

i couldn’t find my john denver cd two months ago

this would have been just the thread for me

Last place you looked /@japes

It could still be, cowcow!

Did you check in your glovebox?

did you leeeaaaaaave it on a jetplane?


it’s in my glove box now

How can you be so sure?

Ant! I have a problem with losing smallish items because if I keep them loose around the house then the cat will decide they are a toy. Any advice?

Do you have a spotty handkerchief that you can wrap them all in and then tie that handkerchief to the end of a stick and carry it over your shoulder?


I don’t but if I order a handkerchief and stick off of Amazon I can have this by tomorrow!

Wait, if you can afford that why not just simply repurchase the small items whenever the cat uses them as a toy?

Some of the items have ‘sentimental value’ which is not something money can replace, unfortunately.

Ah yeah, forgot about that. Stick and handkerchief it is then!

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Thanks, as ever, for your help. I’d like to see the cat try and mess with my stuff NOW! haha!

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you what

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Just felt like this was your sort of reply I was stealing TBH, sorry

i will gladly prove it to you!

… just as soon as i find my car.


i know a guy who can jailbreak the amazon handkerchief stick so you can store loads more stuff