A thread to link to some top quality 2017/NewDiS posts


As we approach the end of 2017, here’s a chance to relive some great DiS moments.

So many genuine laugh out loud moments, and so many just great posts in general this year.

Maybe the greatest edit of all time:


the absolute outstanding effort in all of these by the big man


Every single post in every single Rick Stein live thread and the Tuesday Evening thread on the evening of the first episode that we bombarded.


cheers buddy :smiley:


A classic Meow’s Dad story



that was really something!


The day @ma0sm forgot his clothes


So much ^This. Love those threads.


pretty much all of jordo’s bring on the italians posts.


What was the initial post?


Click the edit symbol on the post m8


Never knew that!


You learn something new every day!


I really enjoyed the kallgeese edit




@keith’s sandwich


I remember that photo sometimes and it still makes me angry.


I thoroughly enjoyed @meowington and her creme egg.


Was fuckingham palace this year?


Just anything @meowington posts, she cracks me up every time