A thread to mark the occasion of the 165th Oxford v Cambridge University Boat Race

Yes, it’s nearly time again for DiSers’ favourite annual sporting event. The women’s race is at around 2.10pm, the men’s at 3.10pm.

Unfortunately I think I’m probably going to miss it as I need to nip into town for a few things later, but please feel free to use this thread to post your enjoyment of the event and any hot takes you may have about it.

C’mon Oxford!

Hope the posh university wins!

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Going to use my mod powers to ban boat races.


I was going to go down the local pond with my model speedboat and hustle some old dudes into a race. Ruined that for me now, thanks geeseman



I used to always want Cambridge to win, but have no idea why.

Gun to your head, you’ve got to go to one of the following, live

  • Boat race
  • Grand national

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I’ve been to the Irish grand national for a stag. Pints and the odd bet, decent day out tbh.

Stand on a river bank for 2mins then fuck off and go to the pub.


Irish isn’t the UK though. Its either jeans and shoe wearing tories + animal abuse. Or coloured corduroy and deck shoe wearing tories. Tricky call

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It truly is the Toriest weekend of the year in the world of sport


Tory month in general. Six nations winding up, quite a bit of cricket going on, grand national, boat race


I went boat race solely because it’d be a piece of piss to get to, and thus get away from, for me given it’s in London and the Grand National isn’t

Toriest sports month is obviously whenever wimbledon happens

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Do they shoot boat racers that are exhausted?

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Depends if my petition has made it through parliament yet


Link pls?


Heard there’s evidence to suggest that one of the teams has been using snakes in order to cheat!

YES, there’s been an awful lot of coverage of the Oxford vs Cambridge boa traces


I’ve actually been to watch the boat race. It basically involves standing outside a riverside pub, drinking. Quite nice if the weather’s ok.

Did make the mistake of going to the Oxford v Cambridge football match after though, which I think was possibly the worst game of football I’ve ever seen that I wasn’t actually playing in.

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One point of interest in the men’s race is that Cambridge are fielding former Olympic medalist James Cracknell, who will be the oldest person to compete in it (think this is cheating a bit, personally).

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