A Thread to "Plan and Prepare" Responses/Gags/Lines for the impending "Wyclef Is Back Now" content

Only a few days to go until people start posting about “Now Wyclef is back” in and around November 1st.

If, like me, you have concerns about the quality of your posts responding to this type of content, please feel free to use this thread to iron out issues and knock them into shape.

I’d like to nominate @sadpunk as the custodian of this thread, please.

‘Can somebody please wake up Billie Joe Armstrong?’

Is something I might post on the 1st of November to be ‘contrary’ and ‘fun’

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This is reliable and decent content but, I’ve got an idea on a slight tweak if I may?


You absolutely may

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It might be even more “contrary” and “fun” to post something along the lines of:

“Can somebody please wake up Mike Dirnt (Green Day bassist)” instead and then someone might say “wait, what?” and you’ll be able to say “so that Mike Dirnt can wake up Billie Joe Armstrong of course!”


This was actually a ‘bit’. I didn’t care about your constructive criticism, and I won’t read or action it.

That’s a great bit tbf

I had no memory of the song until the joke made me look it up. So I don’t think it works enough for me personally

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Can’t believe he’s been awake for a month already, time just flies when you’re caught in the maelstrom of a frozen fascist wasteland eh

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Do we know when he goes back to bed? Perhaps he’s already back in hibernation until next year.

“Oh no! We forgot to wake up Billie Joe Armstrong!”

Might be a fun and novel spin.

Got to be honest @sadpunk is doing a pretty poor job as thread custodian

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Fuck off mate, I’m doing my best.

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Just try and up it a bit please, that’s all I ask

As thread custodian, can I ask that you leave please? You’re being a negative norman.


Of course. That is your right and I will respect it.

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I don’t enjoy doing this, but I take my job seriously.

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Kanye West also has a line about “gone till November” (I believe as a reference to Wyclef) so maybe this could also be worked in?

No, I don’t think so.

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