A Thread to "Plan and Prepare" Responses/Gags/Lines for the impending "Wyclef Is Back Now" content

This is much better thread custodianing that @anon5266188 managed in the old timey one, don’t worry

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That thread doesn’t even have a custodian! What a crock!


You choose the year - the one year, in all these years of posting on DiS - when I post the “Wake Up Billie Joe Armstrong” to piss all over my repetitive joke chips?

You’re a monster, Antpoc.

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Please direct feedback towards the thread custodian

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I’ll direct it where I like, dick.

You can direct your dick in my ass, pal! :angry:

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I asked you to leave and now I find you back in here insulting my good friend CCB.

Not cool, Ant. Not cool at all.

Sorry, sorry. I’m out now. I only came in as a result of a direct tagging

Well, in future please ignore any direct tagging.

And to the rest of you, can you please not tag Ant in this thread? I have asked him to leave for all our benefit.

Thank you.




Good work team, see you all next year.

Erm, has he been welcomed back by DiS?


He’s been back since 1 November 1998.


Seeing threads pop up that I made in another life and thinking “yeah, this is good stuff, nice work whoever authored this thread” is, sadly, the opposite of what I’m experiencing these days

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