a thread to post about your tuesday evenings in


think i’ve got some salmon in the fridge that needs using up. need to go to the shop, do a bit of cleaning and then stare at a computer screen for several hours. woo.

wot u got goin on tonight then? anything exciting?

kind regards,
eric xo

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Tired out and pretty sad so this is happening right now


hey eric!

I just went out to try and get some petrol, tried three garages but none at any of them. Kind of hope it doesn’t get sorted so I don’t have to drive to work next week!

I still need to finish my website tonight and then order some business cards. I need to stop procrastinating on this but, urgh, it’s so boring.

Other than that I am going to do some housework and watch tv.

I’ve bored myself with this post. Sorry everyone.

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Just ate roast duck & bamboo shoots from the local Chinese. It was a firm 7.5/10

Listening to Nemone standing in for Lamacq on 6music

No further plans

I’ve got ‘Hang me out to Dry’ in head after hearing Nemone play it whilst I was in the car.

Sorry you’re sad funky :hugs: xx

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I’ve ordered a (relatively) healthy takeaway (veggie curry stuff) so feel slightly virtuous but not really

Just going to watch tv, no point kidding myself cos I’m tired :yawning_face:

It was good that

The playlist is pretty similar but still


FUN FACT: Both Lamacq & Nemone have played tracks I wrote, performed & produced on their 6 music shows over the years :+1:t3:


So bored. Done absolutely fuck all today except cook and parent. Need to get out of the house. May see if I can get out for a walk or something. Back to work tomorrow. Boo. 3 days before 10 off. Yay.

Thank you :heart: Just general life sadness, I’ll be ok.



That looks great

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Having it with pesto pasta. And thanks

Had a nice Morroccan soup then a mars ice cream, then its been downhill ever since, as to be expected when reaching such delicious dizzy heights.

Bath later as I’ve got horrible cramps. Very pale child too so have laid towels on her rug in case of middle of the night :face_vomiting:

This week can get in the bin tbh, not the mars ice cream bit though, more of that.

Good man

Would also have accepted ‘on the top of a big mozarella pizza with pesto fried kale on the side’


anybody want anything from coop?

We’re out of butter as it goes

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Big scotch egg
Blue pringles
Dairylea dunker
Dairy milk (large)
Bottle of Thatchers Katy


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Paprika Max and a fentimans rose lemonade.

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oh that lemonade sounds delightful