A thread to post in a poll about what your phone case is like

  • NO CASE (L’casei immunitas)
  • Plastic/rubber case
  • Leather/ette with flap and space for cards
  • Sock
  • Express on?
  • Other
  • I have no phone!
  • Are there some I have forgotten?

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Sorry to the first two voters, I edited.

I had a Leather/ette with flap and space for cards but it made my phone too big so now I don’t use it and it just sits in a drawer waiting for me to smash my phone to pieces.

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Moulded OnePlus thing. It’s very slim.

That is plastic/rubber Mr Science jr

They’ve made it look like carbon fibre though. Slick.

They do a wood one too don’t they? Wood phone.

It’s this monstrosity

Uncomfortable to hold and ugly as all hell but my phone remains as good as new.

Jesus fucking Christ Steve, I can’t defend that.


Welcome, my fellow spied upon huawei user.

Those who have the flip ones with spaces for cards- when did the last shred of your dignity disappear?


Guess when I stopped being a tween who cares what other people think about their phone cases. (apart from Steved’s of course)

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Never used one.

Neither can I, Pimes. Neither can I.

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Like Cliff Richard, I have no case to answer

i think i want a new phone

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I’m debating a Google Pixel 3, but probably don’t actually need a new phone.

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i want something with a decent battery life + very good camera. but not willing to spend lots so i think that rules the pixel out.

P20 Pro has all that but I don’t believe you to be a baller?

My Moto g5 plus has been great, so whatever the upgrade from that is