A thread to post the poster for your local shit pantomime


Prize will be awarded for best obscure celebrity, of course


My Mum asks every year if she should book for me and my gf to go with the rest of the fam, I politely turn it down every year.


(Sheffield legend)
Bradford Alhambra one’s got 3D effects


Full poster with names of celebrities please Ant, minus points for the actually famous Stephen Mulhern


Couldn’t find one mate, soz


Having trouble finding a panto poster but genuinely gutted I missed this


Aren’t pantomimes 3D just as a matter of course, by featuring actual, live people?




Are you going to see Damian Williams (Sheffield Legend) this year?


Only if I bump into his entourage on the street.


which do you reckon is him?



i went to one once. they give you 3d glasses and a screen comes down after the interval and you have a 3d-rendered visit through aladdins cave or a forrest or some shit


Damian Williams (criminal) made me lol.


@penoid - is this pre or post zestgate Blackwood?


Pre -

Zestgate was June


I think this explains it, on the Forum.

"Most artist who become good and special at what they do would have reached these heights no matter where they would live. In other words Sheffield has probably got nothing to do with the fact damian has become a legend, it could have happened anywhere.

But now Sheffield wants to pretend as if it owns damian and he is now sheffields property to be proud of and make Sheffield look like a legend producing city. Something to show to others out there that a legend is their neighbour in Sheffield and this makes them superior to others who don’t have a legend like that in their town.

What damian Williams does and where he does it and how he becomes a legend at it is no excuse to attach identifying labels to that to attempt to pretend that it is Sheffield that makes and produces legends.
No a real legend makes him or herself and the location it happens cannot say and pretend as if they are the ones who did it and that legend is now their property."


West Norfolk’s Biggest And Best Family Pantomime


Proably the jewel in the crown of a scant year for good things.


was just about to post that