A Thread to post things that are good for your mental health

Podcasts, websites, books, music, people, places and stuff

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Good for my mental health is just basically never consuming alcohol or any other substances, ever.
Gonna have to get into juicing and nutribullet or someshitkillmenow. Maybe I can keep ciggies…

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Sick to the back teeth hearing about podcasts.



Sugar works best for me. Wham bars, in particular…

You don’t like podcasts?

Weird. I was thinking of starting a thread just like this earlier today.

I’ve started using an app called daylio to track my mood and daily activities to look at the cold hard stats behind my mental health. As a data geek this is most satisfying, even if it’s telling me things like I Feel Better If I Don’t Forget My Meds and The Booze Doesn’t Help and Running Is Good and other stuff I should already know.

Got a bunch of good anti-anxiety games on the go - American Truck Simulator for driving around aimlessly, Elite: Dangerous for pottering about in space, Viscera Cleanup Detail for satisfying cleaning stuff up action (no really). In the market for a mellow building stuff game like Minecraft. But not Minecraft. I burned out on Minecraft.


This is the single most helpful thing I’ve found for myself, but for the last 6 weeks I’ve been utterly unable to get myself changed and out of the house to go for a run (my usual thing).

Interesting. I’m gonna have a look at this. I’ve been bad at writing down stuff lately.

no one does!

Yeah I’m finding it useful because it’s just ticking stuff off really. No words. I haven’t been using it long but I’m finding it a a lot easier to keep up to date with as it’s just checking boxes and deciding on a rating for the day.

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Well at least that makes me all the more punk for liking them

I am also going to check this out, cheers

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I find a bit of colouring in remarkably therapeutic.

(husky puppies not youtube videos)

On a similar note: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZOx1RhMHIo

Particular favourite part at 0:29 when one kitten is placed on top of another and they just sit there looking confused until it’s removed.

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Keeping a food and exercise diary has helped a lot with my general healthy living behaviour, which has slightly improved my mental health e.g. feeling in control, tracking my progress

long walk outside where there are no people or man made things around anywhere


This is now the…

No, I won’t accept it

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Yep, came here to post this.