A thread to put songs with the same title* against each other

*covers do not count

Round 1) It’s my life



Wanna get a poll in here friend.

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No! You give your winner and start a new contest. MY THREAD MY RULES #notopolls #polesarefine

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I see. Right.

Well, I’ll tell you what, I never knew that was Talk Talk. It’s the winner for me though. I thought I might go for Dr Alban, but listening to it again it’s actually utter dogshit. Obviously the JBJ track is minge.



Young Offender v Young Offender

Slide Away: battle of the 90s anthemic indie behemoths

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Portico Quartet for me, though the Autechre one is quality too.

Actually they sound pretty good played at the same time, which is easy to do when embedded…that gives me an idea…

Sounds like a new game show format being developed by Channel 4

Stockholm Syndrome x 3

Pet Shop Boys win the Young Offender battle, obviously.
Anyway, here’s Cells by Jane Weaver

versus Cells by Teenage Fanclub

Nice contrast there. Some beds well and truly wet in that confrontation.


This threads a mess.

  • Creep by Radiohead
  • Creep by TLC

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