A Thread To Show Off Your Card Tricks

I can’t really do any but, if any of our community colleagues can, this is the thread to perform them in

Seems like an ace thread.


Thank you

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Stop being a joker.

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Was genuinely thinking this morning I’d like to learn card tricks

The trick is to show your card tricks to a small child, you can get away with all kinds of wild shit. Like straight up just looking at their card when you take it back from them. And they’re always more impressed than a regular person watching someone who can do a proper trick anyway.


I learned one on youtube to amuse the children I tutor but fumbled and fucked it up, but they were amused so it was okay

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Absolutely hate these

Hate ‘magic’

It’s amazing. I was at a party with a magician last weekend and I loved it.

magic tricks are basically just a form of lying