A thread to talk about both great and awful merchandise

I saw Cher on the weekend. This was one of her official hoodies. Looks like the bootleg jumpers I would buy after Deftones gigs circa 2001.

Yes that is the correct price tag. Would love to know who is paying for this.

Any other examples of bad merch? Or indeed good merch? Seem to recall King Adora selling their own branded vibrators :grimacing:


Anyone remember the JLS branded condoms?

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These fuzz pedals:

You could only get them at the gigs and I was planning on treating myself to one even though I’d previously had, disliked and sold a pedal that had the same circuit as this. Turns out they were £300 or something so I got a t-shirt instead.

I remember buying a Radiohead Bends-era long sleeve t-shirt from a guy outside Rock City after a gig.

Obviously it was shit quality but I still wore it to death. By the time I threw it away it was pretty much a plain long sleeve t-shirt.

I was going to post that Game of Thrones guitar video but I think this is actually worse because i didn’t know they cost like $25-35,000 each.

Need the heavier tees for the detailed prints of dragons etc


I have a clock at home. It has the logo for mid-00s Northampton band The Departure on it. Bit weird.


I once accidentally purchased a ¡Forward, Russia! piece of merch that I thought was a t-shirt but turned out to be a sort of small ladies crop top type of thing. That was the fault of the purchaser (me) rather than the merch itself though.


these sound amazing

Coolest guy


Pretty sure Kiss have cornered the market in this. Coffins, pinball machines etc.

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Uganda has an ice cream shop called Fido Dido but it’s pronounced “feedo deedo”

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we’re filing this under ‘great’, right?

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might buy these

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so shit. BUT did you see the scarves that were for sale at the cher gigs? they were pretty amazing, but £30 is a lot to spend on a scarf. not exactly £70 for a shite hoody, but still

I went to the Ocean Spray museum in Plymouth, MA and, in addition to a corridor where you could try every single flavour of cranberry juice they make (spoiler: they’re all bogging because cranberry juice is HOUFIN), the gift shop was incredible. Cranberry themed everything, up to and including a convertible car in cranberry red with cranberry trim.


I’ve found softstyle t shirts tend to lose their shape after only a couple of washes. Much prefer Gildan Heavy