A thread to talk about Christmassy Xmas breaks

Munich. The beer halls are lovely when they’re all Christmassy, and there are big Christmas markets too (although I should say that actual Christmas markets are just full of stalls selling tat, don’t get the fuss myself).

I’ll be passing through London City Airport on the Friday morning and Sunday evening of the August bank holiday weekend. Do our paths cross?

I’m back Sunday afternoon, but out the Friday so very very possibly! I’ll PM you

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Austria! Did st Wolfgang for Christmas one year for maximum Sound of Music vibes and had a completely lovely time. Great wine, cracking food, snow, sleigh rides, all that stuff :+1:

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bratislava had quite a nice xmas market when I went, but that’s literally it.

and by nice, I mean, a market that sells shots of warm vodka with bacon lardons on top.


essentially Liz Truss’s dream.

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My favourite hotel (and maybe holiday full stop)

It’s a bit of an Austrian icon I think, there’s a ropey sub-carry on film that got made (and then remade) about it and we were probably the youngest people there apart from people’s kids but idgaf. Incredible hospitality. Been there 3 tines now :smiley:

Plus if you go Krampus weekend the owner gets obliterated and publicly disintegrates.

Strasbourg is lovely at Christmas :+1: