A thread to wish our friend Jordan a happy birthday

“I’m gasping to wish my friend Jordan a happy birthday!”


Not after Saturday’s incident

Happy Brithday! Come to London again soon (when I’m free)!

Gonna be a couple months I reckon but I’ll definitely let you know!

Cheers all

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happy birthday big man

:tada: :birthday:

It’s good tht you get to celebrate your birthday on this date every year. I hope this one’s right up there.

Happy Birthday, J-slam.

Looking forward to a bus rendezvous soon.

Happy birthday our friend

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BTW Jordo, you share a birthday with the day that we put my old dog’s birthday for on his Facebook (not his actual birthday)


Hmmm, doesn’t say it’s his birthday on Facebook so I can only assume this is a spurious rumour.

(Happy birthday Jordan)

It says it’s his birthday on Ant’s facebook

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Well this is awkward…


oh wait yeah I can see it now. Plz ignore me

Happy birthday J-Dawg, hope you have a splendid day.:+1:

happy birthday!

Congratulations jordan_230

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Happy birthday, my may baby

Happy birthday! x

HB J-Numbers :+1: x