A thread were we just post individual Kozelek tunes and talk about them


I didn’t think it was possible to improve on the original, but Mark makes this extra bittersweet. the Palace Music version is so chipper, I didn’t really think that deeply about the lyrics until I heard it getting the Kozelek treatment.

this is my favourite until further notice.


Thought this thread was going to be picking on Marky, was about to get real angry and sad.


no way man, he’s my all-time favourite. Mark apologist 4 lyf.


Me too :slight_smile:

Gustavo is the one for me right now, I love the sad story about his illegal immigrant builder and how he feel so sorry for him but not enough to really help him also how he states “really I don’t give much thought to Gustavo” which is a bit of a lie to himself to stop him feeling guilty as clearly he thought enough to write the song. Plus there’s a great subtle turn in the music where the chords become more major and uplifting and a funny snappy line about Chinese wind chimes.

Best best song.


Definitely one of my favourite songs. My favourite version is a live cut of Will Oldham performing it. I don’t think MK improves on the original but it’s a good cover nonetheless.

My favourite cover of his is probably his version of Natural Light. Love that song.


This always blows me away. If I recall correctly it screwed his relationship with 4AD. I put the studio version in the covers mix cd swaps that we do here.

Of his originals I’d have to say Exodus and Somehow The Wonder Of Life Prevails are up there.


Yeah, he opened with Somehow… last time i saw him. Fantastic tune that one. That Perils from the Sea record is really strong.


After he takes the phone call from
Gustavo the imagery is wonderful and heartbreaking. I dunno, I genuinely think he doesn’t think about Gustavo anymore but the lyrics at the end, how he’s gone from not really enjoying being in the house/mountains to appreciating every detail shows that maybe the experience has given him a new perspective and to enjoy the simple things.


yeah, there’s lovely calming imagery there at the end that really matches perfectly with his languid melancholy tone of voice, can’t decide whether the studio or live version with just mark and a guitar are better, guess I love them both.

For me it’s the best song I’ve heard since Jason Molina’s Farewell Transmission and I love all of Mark’s stuff really.


also his christmas album is genuinely the main reason I look forward to christmas! Can’t wait to be able to play it again


Could pick any number. This is one of the tracks that got me absolutely hooked on his recent material. Up with his best stuff really - narrative, personal storytelling but sung at least in something of a melody. Really love the instrumentation and production. I think the songwriting/stories might be have been the strongest - and more interesting - on Benji, but the Desertshore and Lavelle LPs are probably the best in terms of music. Would love for him to work with them both again, although I don’t 2017 Kozelek could better those releases.

Also this track made me watch Papillon for the first time. End Scene


Love Jason Molina… was genuinely heartbroken when he died.


just seemed like such a nice and normal guy as well, one of the biggest losses for music in the 21st century.


Thought we could do with some Benji chat…because it’s still his strongest SKM album, despite strong offerings like Ghosts… and April.

You can always tell a strong album from how many times your favourite track changes. At first it was probably Jim Wise…then Carissa…then Ben’s My Friend…then Dogs…

It’s been the below song for quite a long time now. There’s a load of great moments…but his story of pushing that kid over is a perfect example of the humanity that runs through most of Koz’s work.


I’m with you on this, for all SKM’s albums that I love, Benji is the one that has stuck with me in so many ways. I think this song is also the one that I’ve currently settled with as my favorite too but for me the magical moment of this song is 8:33 when the subtle mandolin starts to creep in…total hearts moment


yeah this track is the centerpiece of an amazing album. I used to listen to this over and over when I was going through serious depression, something about the instrumental ending where the guitars start to layer really calms me.


Similar for me, 2014 I was totally lost having broken up with long term gf and not really finding where to live or where my heart was meant to be, flitting between different cities and just not coping very well at all. This album soundtracked that period yet it is still one of my favorite records.

How does it feel for you listening to this record now knowing how you felt at the time when you played it so often?


This live is amazing. Gets proper shouty. Love it.


Richard Ramirez Died Today Of Natural Causes for me. It’s songwriting on a completely different level. Just an unbelievable piece of work.


I still love it, I’ve always found it a comforting record, something about the matter of fact tone of a lot of the songs despite the sad content puts me at ease.