A thread where we comment on Antpocalypsenow's sandwich eating technique

Not sure I like how much surface area of bread he takes each bite, just gagging to choke to death

What is this based on?

White bread was the base of the sandwich

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This is a great post tbf

If you eat three pieces of bread together, is it a bread sandwich or three pieces of bread?

Verticle stack?

That’s called a “club sandwich”

Even if there is literally no other content? Only the arbitrary three slices of the same bread from the same loaf?

or a Big Mac

Yeah, that’s a “club sandwich”


I don’t make da rulez

Right so why do u eat ur sandwiches like u do ant? It bothers me

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Probably part of some bullshit club

snapped a pic of him outside the footie manager office last week tucking into his sarnie


Do you want to know something true?

I haven’t had a sandwich for months. I’ve gone from making a conscious decision to only ever buy a cheese & pickle sandwich for lunch (to embrace the mediocrity) to just not bothering with sandwiches full stop

Are the outer two pieces buttered?


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Yeah that’s just some bread in a misery-heap, sorry.

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Yeah, a “club sandwich”

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