A thread where

you’re not allowed to reply without quoting (in full) all the replies that came before it

bet someone fucks it up though

oh good lord

i think you can only quote 10 replies or so

Only one way to find out

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that’s partly what i wanted to find out


Thanks Japesy - I’ll give it a go from now on…

ya rly

Didn’t we try this before?

Anyway, here’s something


so if you do a shit at 9:30am you’ve got to keep it in your desk for 8 hours? wooft

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It seems horribly unlikely this is anything but a huge lie, doesn’t it?

  • it actually states you should use the toilets in the carpark and the stools in paper on a desk protocol is only for emergencies where I guess it’s touching cloth.

someone’s just done it for the RTs


how many replies are we on now?

Quite a few but 3 less now I’ve corrected @foppyish apparently not knowing about THIS FUCKING BUTTON:

i knew i’d seen that button somewhere before

nice one theodore

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I hope @meowington is taking notes. I don’t want to have to delete another of her posts.

He’s a good egg really isn’t he, ol’ Theo

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i agree