A thread within which to hype and then live comment on Rick Stein's Road to Mexico as broadcast 14/11/2017

Any analysis welcomed

What do you think might happen tonight


Hasn’t quite got those lined up has he


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wish i knew more of this man

You too can learn more on bbc 2 in approximately 27 minutes

How old would you guess he was without looking?

I won’t answer this because he said he was a certain age in 1967 in the last episode and of course it’s ingrained in my memory forever

should i watch this then

have a feeling i know what the answer will be

Not really, no. But if you don’t you can’t join in the fun of this thread so :woman_shrugging:

I’d have said…57.

We already have a (very good) Rick Stein thread you backstabbing bastard man.

Oh I wouldn’t want or attempt to undercut that, it’s a genuine classic, but this is more of a clean cut thread for the show tonight as not to ruin the nightly thread,

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rick steIN

Sardines disappearing??? Can someone fill me in on this intriguing reference please

I think the bay area just literally fished sardines until they ran out completely during the depression

Yes I’m jealous of you Rick sorry Rick

oh :frowning: I thought it sounded like it would be a jaunty story about the sardines disappearing into his belly.

Caught an old series of Stein in Germany.

Absolutely fucking dreadful.

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