A thread within which to hype and then live comment on Rick Stein's Road to Mexico as broadcast 14/11/2017


fun fact: longest word from RICKSTEIN is STINKIER


Weird how Americans seem to ignore plastic cutlery being awful


no people wear it you prick


“it has to be served in sour dough NOT styrofoam cups”

*grabs plastic spoon*


“I’m gonna finish it”



“popping open” is making me think of Alan Partridge ‘popping out’


where’s all the banter, lads


Where’s all his shirt buttons gone?


haha she mugged him off


Love how we’re all watching this bloke make soup rn


my best mate and i use ‘clam’ as a euphemism so I can’t stop laughing at him talking about eating clams

his enunciation is quite odd in some places isn’t it?


was going to comment on the “salty clam juice” but thought better of it


The whole soup inside bread thing really annoys me, what if you want some bread with the soup? Not gonna happen.


what do you do with the insides


Good question japes


buttered and toasted and served on the side. pay attention guys!!


did he say that?


just fruit, yeah. course, yeah, fruit


he’s fucking half cut talking to this wine cunt


the frisco lady did