A thread within which to hype and then live comment on Rick Stein's Road to Mexico as broadcast 14/11/2017


That was so brutal
"You don’t have to answer but didn’t all 9 of your brothers die?"



fucking missed it.

did he say some silly things?


No, he was totally rational and level headed throughout


Same time next week then guys


he makes two grown men cry
completely unrelated events too


has he not even got to mexico yet? :joy:


“everyone loves korea!”
“I’m from california”

was probably my favourite bit


aw man, gotta stick this on iplayer now.


Even gets a brexit dig in


well i’ve not seen the show but if it’s half as good as this thread i’m in.


cancelled out by two separate pops at ‘the feminists’ though


Very much enjoyed this thread even though I’ve never seen a second of a Rick Stein fronted program. Good work everyone.