A timely poll concerning that there House of Lords

  • Good idea, good implementation (I like the idea of what they do, and the way they are chosen)
  • Good idea, bad implementation (I like the idea of what they do, not the way they are chosen)
  • Bad idea (Not worth it either way, scrap em)

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I assume that everyone will pick for the good/bad option of course. SO. Bearing in mind that the way the House of Lords is populated is a set-in-stone thing currently:

  • On balance it’s worth having a HoL
  • On balance it’s not worth having a HoL

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Can’t decide, given that in theory it’s an awful idea but in practice it might currently be curbing this awful fucking clown show of a government, so… dunno.


Under normal circumstances I am in favour of democracy at every opportunity in politics, but I do think there is some merit in a revising chamber that could be less political and better structured to include a wide range of specialist knowledge. Whether this could work in practice I just don’t know. I just know that elected second chambers have their own problems.


haven’t seen this discussed here yet but a sitting member of the house of lords has been consistently posting racist tweets about the Irish Taoiseach over the last while


I’ve changed my mind, bar the doors and burn it to the ground.


Replace it with an elected senate or something innit


Think we should rethink the whole bicameral system altogether really. One of those ideas that has just become entrenched even though it’s not necessarily fit for purpose.


I think he’s going senile. He also complained about St Patrick’s Day parades flying tricolours in DONEGAL


His explanation is even worse as well


he was born in Dublin ffs :man_facepalming:


Fwiw Ireland has a somewhat more democratic upper house

It’s still massively flawed though. Some seats are voted on by graduates of only some universities. Some are nominated directly by the Taoiseach, so there’s a massive ‘jobs for the boys’ element there, or handing a position to a failed election candidate. A lot of the seats are voted on by local councillors or trade union and industry representatives, which I quite like. It also follows the exact same electoral cycle as the Dáil, so it doesn’t really have the longevity to be separate from the prevailing politics of the day.

We had a referendum to abolish it a few years ago which was defeated amid promises of reform, which hasn’t really materialised, of course.


's interesting that only half as many people voted on the second poll.


Particularly telling:


Limited terms would be good I think. That’s my serious suggestion.

My fun, like-attracting suggestion would that it should be like jury service and everyone is called up to be a Peer for the Day once in their lives.


Weird humanity in 2018 hasn’t perfected a form of government

Downside with everything


It has value in that it has the room to think about things in time scales beyond the electoral cycle.

Obviously that being achieved by either inheriting a title, being enough of a suck up / party hack that you get it as a reward / favour or simply for being a reliable enough cypher that you’re stuck in there to try to balance out numbers for “your side”, sucks.

An elected second house, with a decade between elections, and only a third of members up for election each time round, would be one idea? Definitely PR, possibly without links to constituencies, or if they have to be, to very broad constituencies.