A tiny shard of glass in my foot

What’s going to happen, I can’t really see it to get it out but I can feel it sometimes, it’s been 4 days and it hasn’t come out by itself. What’s going to happen?

Should be fine

It’ll come out on it’s own at some point.

Is it small so it’s itchy rather than painful?

no sometimes when I walk i must push it in a bit and it is actually painful, but it doesn’t hurt all the time, just now and again

Go and get someone professional to take it out if it’s painful, just leave it there if it’s not…

that’s very sensible, thanks

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I cant offer any help but i wish you all the best

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I, for one, welcome our new glassy overlords.

yes, that’s ok as long as I don’t get sepsis

can’t you get it out with tweezers

Soak it in warm water, maybe? That’ll soften and open your skin up.

Are you sure that it’s glass and not just a painful cracked heel? I get that sometimes and it feels like there’s glass or something in there, but it’s not.

Stop glassplaining, Marckee


No, a jar of branston pickle fell out of the cupboard and smashed on the floor and I didn’t clean it up very well. So I’m pretty sure it’s glass. Gonna go to the walk in clinic and get them to have a look

you got yourself in right pickle, hope its ok


I had a similar problem about a year ago, had a tiny shard of glass in the bottom of my foot after stepping on a broken jar. Didn’t hurt all the time but every so often when I was walking I would get a sudden jabbing of pain in the foot…really very painful when you are not expecting it so can totally sympathise. I left it for a week before it became too much and went to the hospital to get it looked at, the nurse there was totally brilliant and didn’t make me feel like I shouldn’t have gone there (felt totally guilty I was being a complete hypochondriac). They x-rayed it but because the piece was so small and seethrough it didn’t show up on the scan so was nothing really they could do, if they could have seen it they would have extracted it there and then on the day. Told me in the end that it isn’t harmful and will come out of its own accord, it did about 2 days later after I got so fed up I picked at it enough.

tldr. Not harmful to keep it in there but definitely go to your nearest doctors/hospital if you are worried.

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I’m so paranoid of this, because my grandma got glass stuck in her foot. It went septic and she ended up having to have her leg amputated.

So paranoid, that when I go a tiny sliver of glass in my foot once I insisted that my wife get it out immediately (I couldn’t see it properly. Angles & shit). She was cutting off pieces of my foot with scissors for what seemed like ages. Blood all over the shop.

Totally worth it though: I still have two legs and my wife only hates me a little.

… but apart from that I’m sure you’ll be fine Elena


Bowl of rice?

The nurse at the walk in told me to get some magnesium sulphate paste which might draw it out. @anon50098204 did your grandmother have any other symptoms before it got to amputation stage? Like did she ignore stuff for ages first???

Ah man, didn’t mean to scare you!

She was in her 80s when it happened. I think the main issue was she didn’t realise she’d stood on glass for a couple of weeks- by the time she went to the Dr it was too late. You’ve got medical advice: you’ll be absolutely fine. X