A tip for dating, non-single people

Tell your current partner you’ve got to work late

this is polyamorophobic

Is that latin for ‘a shit parody thread’?

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I’ve often wondered how people who do ‘normal’ 9-5, Mon-Fri type jobs manage to be knocking someone else off on the side.

And in any case, how anyone can find time - and be bothered to - maintain a bit on the side.

Maybe I’m just too lazy.

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Yeah I would stand absolutely no chance unless someone wanted to service me at lunchtimes.


yes - i would struggle to fit in in (lol)

who’s got the energy to date two people?

Is that why you have quit your job?

Is that a proposition?

I joke with 'er indoors that the various train tickets, receipts, local maps etc I bring back from work trips are all part of an increasingly elaborate concert cover-up of an affair I’m having, because when else would I find the time?

Oh how we laugh.

ye… no

NO!!! definitely not!

As I have said, I am available some lunchtimes.


You could easily get away with it if you do a lot of working away and travelling, etc.

I’ve got lunchtimes and every 3 or 4 weeks I have a couple of days off in the week and work a weekend, but that’s far too irregular to keep something going.