A TKC inspired what song did i hear this morning at work?

So someone at work had a song on this morning and i knew it but couldn’t place it and thought I’d look it up later. But it’s later and i can’t remember fuck all about it.


  • Vaguely electro indieish pop. Like a less self aware 1975 maybe
  • Slightly cheesy
  • Male singer
  • Think i might have hate-liked it
  • Hook lyric was about ‘meeting your/my friends’ or something
  • The guy at work usually just sticks on playlists like ‘Summer Vibes 2017’ so it must be sort of well known.

Have at it!

Is it Guillotine (It goes Yah) by Death Grips?

It’s definitely not that. That’s waaay to cool.

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