A toilet survey

You are using a public or work toilet (if a work toilet, there are enough stalls/ toilets that your actions could go completely unknown)

You have a bit of a messy one. The toilet bowl is a real mess, unpleasant for anyone using the toilet after you. Do you

  • Give it a clean up.Get some toilet paper and wipe up bowl.Maybe double flush.It now looks acceptable for next user
  • Get the fuck out of there. Not.My.Problem

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I think you might have to define your terms. I’ve never put a toilet into such a state that it would be unpleasant to use afterwards by my own standards but I also don’t give a shit (…wheeeey?) about skids.


Work toilets that don’t have a loo brush: ffs


Our work toilets are atrocious, frequently blocked, really irks me.

Our toilets in the office seem to be a funny, shallow shape, and I often leave skids, which never happens at home. I clean them with a loo brush. If a loo brush weren’t available, I wouldn’t bother doing it with toilet paper.

the state of our work bogs sometimes. Absolutely rank. To the point where the department manager will send an email on behalf of the cleaners complaining about the state they are in. Always the gents not the ladies.

On a separate note, the lady cleaner always pops her head round the door and says “hello” to signify she is here to clean them, always, without fail, during my mid morning dump. I’ve nearly let out an audible FFS on several occasions. I don’t like to be rushed.

I think this should be used as a psychological test to determine whether you’re a sociopath or not.

you need to think about re-scheduling

this forum’s obsession with excrement is baffling.

might leave for a bit.

off for a poo are you ?




I’m like clockwork mate. But then I do sometimes wait until she’s finished, lovely clean toilet then. Or go to another floor. I have options.

Had four :poop: today. Proper @Epimer guts at the mo.

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That’s definitely a bad thing. Luckily ours do.

It’s not even midday! You’re an inspiration sir!

OK guys, well, there’s no judgement in this thread, other than the judgement those that don’t do anything are absolute psychopaths unworthy of love or the benefits of living within a society.

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Up to 5 now. Pray for me.

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I think by this point you’re probably just shitting out your self!