A Tribe Called Quest - New Music in 2 Weeks?!

Colour me intrigued. Been rinsing the first three albums a lot this year. Can this really be any good?

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I seriously hope it is, but I fear it may well be shit, especially if they try to sound contemporary rather than like ATCQ.

Find it hard to imagine anything ATCQ being “shit”. Q-Tip isn’t massively prolific, but he hasn’t done anything bad to my recollection.

Quality probably depends on where they got up to with recording. The likelihood is, they had to work with half finished Phife verses to imagine what the album would sound like. Who even knows if they would have released the stuff from the sessions if he hadn’t passed? On balance, very unlikely to be another classic record but if you keep your expectations on the DL should be a nice parting gift.

…and at least it’s not one of those posthumous albums pieced together from old verses and shit.


If it’s even close to as good as De La’s latest, it’ll be worth having in our lives. Q-Tip can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned. I’m am VERY excited!

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Details of guests etc:


Andre 3000 churning out the features right now. Pls solo or OutKast album pls.

Here it is

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Hey, this is sounding good! Definitely not shit. Worst fears, be gone with ya

Aye, it’s definitely not what I was expecting, way less vibey (completely understandably) than I was hoping for but it’s got so much going on, really looking forward to getting to know it properly.

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this is GREAT one listen in.

first two tracks so good.

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Three listens in and I’m loving it! Not just better than it had any right to be, but really great. Great chemistry, great beats, great guests, great rhymes. I’m a happy man

(way better than the De La album which (((outside of a few trax))) I’ve largely forgot existed)

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Really not into the De La Soul album at all. Listened to it like 3 times. And I love their whole catalogue. I’ll even make a case for AOI II… but that new one is just dull.

Definitely not in any way shit. Thank fuck for that.

I kinda love both AI albums

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Ooooooo I like this a lot :slight_smile: Got a nice groove to it

First listen in I think Melatonin is my fav

They’re a blast. The new one lost some of the chemistry and the fun. Idk it isn’t bad at all but it falls so flat

Ok so having listened to this pretty much exclusively and on repeat since it came out I’m firmly ok board. As someone said above not just better than any album released after a 20-year gap should be, but on first impressions appears to be a great record in its own right.

The Space Programme, We the People, Dis (!!!) Generation, Kids, Melatonin, and The Killing Season all stand out so far