A Tribe Called Quest - New Music in 2 Weeks?!

Yeah this is fucking great. Found some of the production a bit jarring at first, seemed like the vocals were hidden in the mix a bit etc but it’s making more and more sense the more I listen to it.

It sounds properly collaborative which is such a rarity these days, all the MCs bouncing off each other in that 80s/90s way that you can only get by them actually sitting in a fucking room together and doing it instead of mailing beats and verses all around the planet.


Yes. New De La was crap IMO. This, on the other hand, is very good!

I’ve listened to this album a lot this week/weekend and loving it here each listen. Going to echo ants comment about the production sounding a bit jarring at times with the vocals but now I just love the sound it’s going for.

A bit jarring on the first couple of listens*

production is a little hot in parts but I’m looking passed it.

Seems to be a mixing issue rather than anything wrong with the production. I’m wondering if crisp and punchy sound maybe wasn’t on the cards due to the album not being finished, no retakes being possible for the vocals etc. In the end it’s got a live and loose feel which still kicks but it’s certainly no masterpiece of sound engineering.

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kinda weird cos some songs sound pretty great

Apparently they’re going to tour it. Not sure how that’ll work, but I thought that about the album soooo…

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My favourite is DiS Generation :hugging:

First 10 tracks are epically great. Busta Rhymes verse on Mobius <3 Chemistry between Q Tip and 3 stacks <3 The outro of Melatonin <3

Could have those 10, Lost Somebody and The Donald as a bonus and have a flawless 10/10 album. Others are pretty good too but on Killing Season - when the flip of the same sample Madlib used for Meat Grinder drops - that’s the first bit that hasn’t got me like :open_mouth:

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(Though given the circumstances, I’m glad we got the extra tracks.)

busta rhymes is having a ball on this
like it a lot

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Lots of DLS bashing going on here. I bloody love their new album.

Looking forward to hearing this one too.

Just posting this here because I found this hilarious

Ice Cube will replace them at Roskilde[…], “Ice Cube has managed to fit the show into his busy schedule in the middle of a basketball tournament he is organising.”

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