A Tuesday In October

Morning all,

Not started one of these for a little while. How are you? Whats for breakfast? Plans for today?

Im still laid up, so is mini so giving baby class a miss today but going see my (grown up) niece instead. Breakfast was a croissant and a breakfast biscuit and a coffee.

Thats me. Take it away…


I’m going into the office for the first time in about a month. Not looking forward to it or the bike ride in. Staying in bed feels quite appealing

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Hotel breakfast!
Walking up to a gorge and a castle today
Nice view from the hotel window


Don’t suppose you want to swap?


No Thank You Reaction GIF

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Where are you? Looks… European

I’ve been up since six, as Victoria Plum gave me a 6AM to 8AM delivery slot to deliver a replacement toilet. We’re getting the bathroom done, and the one originally ordered wasn’t suitable.

Started work at 6:30ish and the toilet arrived just after 7. I’ll hopefully knock off a few hours early later.

Still no shower, so gym showers again later.

Nothing worse than an unsuitable toilet

No, you’re a-peein’

Yeah I just thought a toilet was a toilet, but the connector at the back wouldn’t allow for the pipe to come in from the right. I guess if my builder brother in law had opened it at the start we would realised earlier.

I just want it finished, getting tiresome now.

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in the studio for a day of editing in prep of a follow-up meeting

warming up by watching this

which is fucking great … but only makes me long for what a reformed Talking Heads tour could deliver

brekkie was All-Bran & banana

Oh hello day 4 of a headache. Off to work for a meeting i wont make as the bus is permanently late, then need to finish work at 4 to run to school to get m to drop her at home with my pal to run back to town to do a night tour to run home to put her to bed about 2 hours after she usually goes to bed. It’s gonna be a loooooooong day pals


Lake bled, Slovenia

It’s lovely.


Feeling a bit bleh. Political turmoil and uncertainty about the future is taking its toll.

Yesterday was 22 years since DiS published its first article and been wrestling with nostalgia and thinking about those who I’ve lost touched with and many people who died over all these years.

Keep getting stuck on ideas I didn’t pursue because I listened to others and had to prioritise short term financial priorities as I had no money rather than long term projects like developing the podcast and conference ideas I had (magazines as events).

Can increasingly see how the rich, who have a constant safety net, are able to build bigger and sustainable things or endlessly pivot. It’s hard not to resent living in a time where the super rich are propped up by in work benefits and profits are subsidies by food banks intervening in poor salaries.

Breakfast is gonna be a vegan chocolate croissant - eating my feelings.


Hey. On the later shift today. Just walking my daughter to school. Got my binoculars for a quick birdwatch on the way back. Making a pie when I’m home and see if I can do a chicken stock in the slow cooker. Exciting eh


Morning all :wave:

Trains are a pile of shite just for a change. Original direct train was cancelled last night, backup train from Cambridge was stuck at the station for half an hour without a driver, am now on attempt #3 to get to London.

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Still fucked after last weeks excesses, gotta go pick up a laptop of a contractor at lunch gonna make him buy me lunch in saltaire for my troubles.

Very grey and nothingy day here. Left half my lunch at home. Might make some threads today you know.

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Porridge was breakfast.

I’m fine. Didn’t want to get out of bed but now I’m up, I’m ready for action.

Getting the train to the other side of the city and cycling back.

Going to have a bath when I get home.

Fella came round yesterday to do some work replacing our bath panel because it had warped and the landlord was worried about it. Was imagining going in there after 20 minutes of him drilling etc and he’s having a bath. “Just testing it out mate.” “Have you got any Epsom salts?”.