A Tuesday In October

Nothing too exciting. Flock of goldfinches, 2 perched buzzards surveying, a few stonechats

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He’s literally just put his glasses on and not had a shave.


Hotel Breakfast to you too my friend!

Hotel Breakfast to us all

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Is that not @escutcheon on the left? :wink:

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Tbf just looks like a diser now

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excuse me, i beg yo-

oh. yeah, as you were

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Well here I am


Got the Carly Rae song about being 10ft tall in my head. Nice.

morning everyone, weather’s shocking here again

anyway, not too much going here really, got a few meetings about explosions and then trying to fix my back

I’m in the Italian embassy in Stockholm and more than once I’ve said ‘Mamma Mia!’ without thinking as a reaction to something, before realising that I am an idiot.


It worked for Clark Kent.

Can’t get anyone to go see Book of Mormon with me, some friends etc

We’re going in Glasgow in November.

Can I jag for a second? My work project is shortlisted for an award but we’ve slipped the 3rd place in the public vote :cry:

Please spare a vote for your old pal dingers if you have 5 mins free?

(The Science Museum website Wonderlab+, please)
(also do check out the website itself if you have kids or pass it on to people with kids please and thank you, you are all the best)
(jag over)


I know, I know… it’s serious.


These days if you feed the ducks…




Back at work, CBA, reporting week

Fucking hate reporting week

Been for a run and now I’m all sweaty

Gonna have a shower when I’ve cooled down a bit, then have a lovely tuna salad sandwich for lunch, like the one I had yesterday

I’m going to see Peaness tonight, I should probably listen to them at some point this afternoon as I can’t remember what they sound like

real damp out there