A very European Friday thread ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ท

Feels like Christmas! Itโ€™s finally here :partying_face:

Got a half day today, seeing loads of my ATDs this weekend, feels like everything might be alright? Tell me about your plans huns.

Hope everyone has an incredible day :kissing_heart:


Loooong day yesterday work wise and an early start today with TinyStack but itโ€™s all good. Mrs stacks out tonight so I might watch end of evangelion. But I might just go to bed tbh cause Iโ€™m cream crackered.

My world in motion T-shirt turned up but itโ€™s too big :frowning:

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Good morning @Tuna, @Fintans_Cat and the rest of DiS. I am in bed drinking red wine after a long week of night shifts. Bit of reading (Spacemen 3 biography) then sleeps til the afternoon, then no work til Monday 2pm. Handed in my notice this week and going back to my old job but in a promoted role next month; the pay cut will be more than worth spending 14 minutes rather than 2 hours commuting every day, and a 9.30-5.30 working day rather than three different cycling shifts covering all 24 hours of the day. So yeah, I am in a good mood for the weekend. Hopefully some bikey and drinky with the family, and I hear there is some football on the television so I might watch some of that too. Hotcha!


Day working from home then driving to Anglesey and staying there for a few days


Some crows started going absolutely nuts at 5 in the morning, think there might have been a bird of prey around. Havenโ€™t been back to sleep. Was already knackered.

Just need to get through today and Iโ€™ve got two weeks off and no plans.

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Good morning to those above and below,

Theyโ€™ve changed the colour of the tops on our milk bottles which is a very exciting start to the day.

A bit cooler and fresher outside this morning so should make for a less punishing bike ride than the last couple of days.

Bit of dog walking at some point and going out to a fancy Italian place for dinner for my birthday meal tonight.

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

Iโ€™ll be here all day, every day


Well, other than the obvious binge watching of the biggest sporting event if the year: the WePlay DOTA 2 AniMajor in Kiev.



Step Into Christmas, Step Into Christmas!

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Thank you! I will be kind of managing people for the first time in my life, which is a bit daunting, but hey. Iโ€™ll worry about that next month


Possibly my best mood since March 2020.


Itโ€™s my youngestโ€™s first birthday today but sheโ€™s been sick since Wednesday and itโ€™s destroying us, both of us trying to work while also dealing with a grumpy baby then a moody four year old in the mix and this endless heat is absolutely draining. Meant to have a three day weekend involving Peppa Pig World and Iโ€™ve never been less in the mood for anything in my life, I just want to be cryogenically frozen for a few years.

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I woke up at 5 and didnโ€™t manage to get back to sleep for an hour. Still, at least I did get back to sleep.

Quiet day at work today, then at 6pm Iโ€™ve got my second shoot of the week. This one is timed for low tide and will be out on the chalk beds by Rottingdean, so the photos should be especially cool. And then after that Iโ€™m at the pub tonight too.

All in all, a good day lined up

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Hope everyone has logged their avatar change in that thread.


Going out for a drink tonight, only my second time out since the pubs reopened. I donโ€™t know the person that well and think it might be a date so Iโ€™m slightly worried about my social abilities.

Tried to get my hair cut yesterday but theyโ€™d closed early when theyโ€™re usually open late on Thursdays. Will try them at lunchtime today or after work. Most of the time I can duck out of work whenever but its the one week Iโ€™m in training so have set times for everything.

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Alright? Barely slept last night. Really, really annoying. Not sure why, surely not because of pizza and football tonight.

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Mmmm, crumpets

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I donโ€™t think Iโ€™ve been up this early since before the pandemic :woozy_face:

Taking Misty to the park for a proper run and then Iโ€™ll need to do some of the chores Iโ€™ve been nagged about for weeks. Yay.

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HB FM UF! :cake:

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