A very important announcement

Don’t put loo rolls like this

Please document the times when establishments have committed this offence.


My wife says she can’t understand anyone having a preference for this kind of thing, and never even considers which way round she installs them when changing loo rolls over.

She puts them this way around about 95% of the time and at this point I have to just stand back and admire the trolling.

Pretty annoying though.

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You’re wife, as memes say, is a psychopath

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I don’t understand why I feel very strongly about this, but I do

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First draft Kasabian etc


Thing is, I’m genuinely not sure if she’s pulling some sort of long game wind-up and pretending to have 0 preference or interest in this while deliberately using the devil’s hang.

Or if I’m just being paranoid and it’s all a weird coincidence.

Making me question a lot of things right now

given how obsessive i am about certain things having to be done a certain way, it’s weird that this isn’t a thing that bothers me at all


Is there a practical reason why “underarm” is the wrong way to hang it?

This was correct 10 years ago but now less so

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Yeah, find it absolutely bizarre myself

TBF mullets are pretty in right now, which is good for my receding hairline at least.

The loose end of the roll is way less accessible as it’s hanging near the wall and tearing it is more awkward.

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It’s slightly less accessible but if toddlers or pets are present it’s very daft to put it overarm because they’ll unspool it.

So underhanging is the sensible default, but we overhang in our childless household


Your wife is my fiancée.


This is a hell of a way to find out.


This is definitely a matter of high importance, because matters of low importance don’t have their own Wikipedia page:

I’m just relieved when the roll isn’t half-jammed into the holder so that it takes half a minute to pull a couple of sheets off