A vessel for your Wednesday evening thoughts

Evening all!

How are you? I’m still on my journey back from Stafford - such an unsatisfying train journey. There’s an unofficial 4-minute changeover at Ely so I’m hoping I can dash down the underpass and make it onto the King’s Lynn train.

What does your evening have in store?


Watching Be Kind Rewind and I hate it and Jack Black

Generally had a bad day. I hot some things sorted but most of my working day was just frustrating issues I couldn’t resolve.

I had to spend ages with EDF to change to Direct Debit because their website is do broken.

I had to spends ages on the phone to Virgin Media because their website is broken.

I failed to ring the dentist about my daughter’s teeth which was very poor time management.

I had to text the painters because depute their assurance the patches of plasterwork have dried darker and they haven’t got back to me so I’m going yo have to fix it myself I guess and I don’t know how. Plus we need the hallway painted and I’d hoped to get them in for that as everything else was top notch so now I also have to find a new painter.


On the train home and feeling snoozey. Saw the queues for Westminster on my way to the station, a lottttt of people. Plans tonight are pizza and chill and not queuing to walk past a coffin that i’d wager is empty

Train is stuck just past Peterborough so that’s my hourly connection missed :frowning:

Just think of the delay repay!

Although maybe not with the ‘unofficial connection’

Yeah I can’t get delay repay because the train I was due to catch is an advertised cancellation.

Never mind :slight_smile: etc. Stay positive and all that! :slight_smile:

Made a cocktail, rustling up toad in the hole and red onion gravy

Will finish Sandman, might read a little. Babysat a dog for a few hours and now everything seems empty without them

… fin

I was thinking about that film the other day.

I don’t remember enjoying it but I was wondering if I was just being harsh.

I have about 15 minutes left and I’m finding it almost unwatchable

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Hi, forgot to take my glasses to work today s beem sat with the screen like 2 inches from my face.

Thats the most interesting thing that’s happened to me today.

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Hola. Going to have a couple of pops while working on my Bob Dylan thesis.


Evening. Got a leek and mushroom risotto in the go, with added homemade stock. Smelling tasty. On a Bob Dylan trip because although he’s my ATD, I forget how good he is sometimes. Life’s hard innit.


Bake Off catch up. Cup of tea and a chocolate finger.

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Have a lot to do but also really enjoying my book and playing Tinykin.

Need to check the recipes for this weekend and dispense the spices i need to take with me into little bags. Feel quite the escobar let me tell you.

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Fookin wrecked.

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Really need to think of something to do

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0% Guinness and a mini magnum. Nobody tell me I don’t know how to live


Thanks to @rich-t sending me big wave videos, I’m now looking into how easy it is to visit Nazaré

Turns out it’s quite easy, as it goes