A warm welcome to Wednesday thread

Morning all.
It’s the first day of my working week and sodding freezing out there. Still, it’s fitting weather to see Sweden’s Alice Boman at St Pancras Old Church.

I’m in Taipei 101 shopping centre at the moment and have discovered a wholefoods style shop that’s put a lot of effort into importing the Waitrose Essentials range. They also have a full range of Fullers beers at about £5 a bottle.

Pissing down today and Mrs Z is really sick, so I’m mostly browsing the underground shopping malls today.


Morning all, fine dusting of snow everywhere this morning but not enough to disrupt the trains.

Great place to see Alice Boman, I miss church gigs.

Nutmegen says hi (from the train window).


Morning Garethi, czuk, ma0sm,

Plans for today are probably out the window due to a few inches of snow having been dumped overnight. R should be going to his dad and we had already swtiched the usual buses/trains arrangement for taxis so he didn’t have to wait in the cold, but I don’t know how safe the roads will be… kinda selfishly want my day off, brain is totally fried rn.

Still, can’t wait to see the boy’s little face we he feels the crunch of snow for the first time :grinning:


It’d be rude not to get a beer in, tbf. Hope Mrs Zeal feels better soon.


Roads are OK, I think - it’s not icy out there (yet).

I’ll probably buy a much cheaper Taiwan Beer later instead. (That’s literally what it’s called. Old state beer company that makes highly generic lagers that Carling etc all would be proud of.)

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Morning. -6°c out there today. Even had to wear gloves this morning.

In other news, CBA

Fuck off snow you absolute c**t!
Delayed at glasgow airport :rage:

Might as well use someone else’s heating and electricity, I suppose…

Starting off my day by heading to get steroid injections into two of my knuckles. Made the mistake of reading about it on the internet and the procedure sounds like it’s going to be agony. Needles to say, I did not sleep well last night.

Won’t find out for a couple of days, but the TV felt terrible all day after fasting and bloods being taken :cry:

The metro has a mascot called majimeow. It’s very polite and teaching people how to be considerate travellers. TfL needs one of these.


Working later.
Just realised I’ve not done my homework, so going to have to attempt that on the bus as uni is tonight.
My mind thinks it’s Christmas today and I’d really like to stay in no eat chocolates and watch Scrooged.

Ah yeah, today I find out (via an anonymous survey they all take once a quarter) what my staff think of me and how I manage them. Really cannot be bothered, as I know it’s going to be a relatively poor score due to the fact I’m actively managing people on their performance, and I’ll have to explain this to my boss and his boss.

It is more the potential of them icing up later for on the way home that worries me :grimacing:

I’ve had steroid injections in my rib cage muscles. I made the mistake of asking the nurse before if it would hurt and she was like “uh duh yeah you’re getting a needle in your chest course it’s gonna hurt” but i didn’t actually feel it.

My colleague had them in his knuckles and he said it did hurt a bit yeah. It’s helped him loads as he had pretty much no movement and now he’s ok.

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Quite snowy here even though it wasn’t predicted.
I am supposed to be meeting my friend after work and she’s gone in so i’ll have to go to work a little later to see her.

Well, quite. I’ve got a long-ish wall over what’ll be icy dicey pavements to get to the church tonight. Might need divine help to stay vertical by that point.

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Had an amazing mountain bike ride in the snow last night. Conditions were amazing/ 10. Singletrack in the woods was like a bob sleigh ride. So much grip. I only fell off once. Couple of lovely pints at the end

Need to go into the office this morning as I need to do stuff that is better done on a big screen. Will head home lunchtime though to WFH as I need to get away promptly for the train to Flight of the Conchords tonight!!

Very excited