A warm welcome to Wednesday thread

Bit snowy here. Could probably drive in fine but I’m using it as an excuse to wfh because it looks a bit nippy out.

Might have a second :coffee:

(this isn’t classic British understatement, it’s a fairly pathetic amount of snow)

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hi Gareth and etc

I’ve barely slept and have been having near constant irregular heartbeats since me missus split with me and it’s proper taking its toll. Dunno whether it’s a thing to go to the docs for or not

-8 here, I’m going to get the train again as I don’t fancy getting the car up the hill later, when it’s iced over. Some houses on our road have no water as their water pipes from the mains to the house have frozen.

I reckon you definitely should. Take care of yourself.


Might need some beta blockers or something to keep you on the level for a little bit. Look after yourself, pal.

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Snowbeard :grinning:


Sorry to hear that. (I can say that as I’m from Croydon and thought I’d get it in before anyone else)

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That is one of those dogs that look like a human trapped in a dog’s body, if ever I saw one.


Maybe. Never had it before (with the exception of a time when I was mega stressed with work and my grandad had passed) so I’m not sure why it’s triggered it being as it wasn’t a long term relationship and there was a genuine/almost mutual reason for ending it. I might give it to next week and see if I’m feeling better.

Hope Mrs Z gets well again soon!


morning all

reckon we got around 1-2cm of snow here, still going into work because I’m a champ/mug (delete as applicable). trains are a bit messed up but not much worse than normal.

deployed my finest wintry weather clothes, mostly courtesy of Uniqlo, including:

  • some Heattech work trousers
  • some super thick and warm socks
  • an Ultra Warm Heattech long sleeve t-shirt under my shirt and jumper

current verdict: can’t feel my toes. rip. :footprints:

Chillberry this morning, what?

Had some bacon and beans and hash browns this morning. Nom-a-thon.

Early finish, forecast looks dodge this afternoon back at home.

Have to fix my ex’s car this afternoon, make kids’ costumes for World Book Day tomorrow this evening.

yeah! piss right off, read only mode!


What did YOU do in the great DiS outage* of 2018?

*think it might have been five minutes…?

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Happy Snow Day, all!

Had the genuis idea of checking my work emails while waiting for the car to warm up - college closed on police advice.

A day of computer games and hot drinks for me.


Horizon Zero Dawn - I started it at the weekend.