A warm welcome to Wednesday thread

On the slowest train ever to work. Nearly there now. Snow EVERYWHERE

Flight of the Conchords later. SWEEEEET


Sounds like a bit of stress/anxiety.

You could go to the pharmacy and grab some rescue remedy. Pop a few drops in some water that you’re having today and it can calm you down.

This is the entrance to a 300m long underground book store. They also sell vinyl, but everything’s pretty much £30, which is a bit dear for my liking. Except for their re-issue of Definitely Maybe. That’s about £40 for some reason.


Mild Snowmageddon happening in Devon right now. Nothing to do today until work at 5pm which is fucking lucky.

Assumed I’d been kicked out for using dodgy WiFi, didn’t I.



Bus decided to mug off my whole neighbourhood this morning so that was fun. Bus is crawling and i’m running really quite late for work now. Still gonna stop for breakfast, obviously. Might go to the post office as well.



Morning all.

It’s only a mild dusting of snow in Walesland but it seems to be coming down a bit more. Bit worried for the gf as she’s supposed to be headed to see her mate in London for a long weekend. Even more worried my planned long weekend of videogames, pizza and movies might be disrupted if she can’t go. I took Friday and Monday off and everything. Clearly I’m the real victim here.

Hope you’re all keeping warm.

#snowedin #noschooltoday :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses::snowman:


I’m at home in my dressing gown because it’s a SNOW DAY

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I’ll have a look, thanks. I think it is too but I’m not sure I’ve felt stressed enough for it to be that. Gonna reign in the drinking and rubbish food for a couple weeks too I think

Stay strong x

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Still ill. Barely slept last night and when i did i just saturated the bed in sweat. Mmm.

Also just been told that the project ive been working on for the last 2 months now needs to change completely (and impossibly quickly) due to the whims of a big boss. V much looking forward to the end of my secondment now.

Soggy when wet
Not warm
Of the mountains
Wiggly angels


I’m at work now. What a load of shite. Oh well.

I’ve been waiting half hour for a bus at Purley station. Got a Flat White from a independent coffee shop to keep warm. Might need to join the @anon5266188 thread at this rate.

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Managed 6 miles of my 7 mile journey in 90 mins :+1:

I’ll try. But she’ll want to share the pizza, and may even insist I put some damn trousers on while gaming. It’s just…it’s just so unfair.

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I’m working from home today cos of