A Warning

Joy Fills are essentially Kraves and are not worth your time or money.


I ask to see your credentials in food science, or is this a anecdotal warning?

Look, pal, you don’t want to heed my warning on your head be it. No skin off my nose. I can try to help you but you have to want to help yourself.

somebody was complaining about oreos on here the other day. thought it was yourself but i guess not.

an anecdotal warning then and possibly impartial, you could be Mr Fucking Kraves irl? And I for one don’t fancy lining the Kraves coffers

Don’t fucking eat Kraves either, they are shit. These things are passing themselves off in the chocolate snack aisle. I have no vested interest. My interests are truth, honesty and helping others.

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No that was chief brexiteer @thewza.

ah so it was. i’m always mixing you two up.

It’s the ‘z’

time for Oreo to give it a rest I reckon

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There are other none Oreo joy fills. My warning applies to those too. They will just be Kraves.

Good thread, but I much preferred the video you made about it:

Can’t listen to this now but I feel an immediate kinship with this wise video blogger.

Home brand kraves are incredibly cheap compared to the real thing and the taste is mmm-hmm all there, just as good.

I don’t know what kraves are.

Then I can’t help you.


It’s really affecting my enjoyment of this thread, I feel.


He would never be this potty-mouthed.

Is this a lead-in to a reanimation of the Balonx alter-ego?

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