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Think you’ve misunderstood the double toilet.

I think you have

ok Mr grumpy, I think someone needs a poo!

The toilet snorkel reminds me of that good plumbing story that went around a while ago




:joy: Best image i’ve seen online today…

Also made the mistake of opening the thread while on a team call :see_no_evil: Fortunately I was on mute…


wouldn’t the shower hose need to go all the way around the ubend and then up the waste pipe above the level of the flood water? ie need to be very fucking long

you’ve just tried this haven’t you japes.

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i have doubts

This thread made me remember ‘bog snorkelling’ is a ‘sport’ and that guy has really committed to the whole joke factor.
Fair play I say :smile:

@Richie_Ronco’s diagram suggests it doesn’t have to go right through

Friend of a friend has competed in the world championships. Proudly held in Wales since 1976!

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but if the room is flooded then the ubend is going to be flooded all the way up to the same level… otherwise all the water would just drain out the toilet

Is that the case? I feel like as soon as the level hits where the number 27 is here then it won’t go any higher at the back unless the entire sewer system is flooded too - if the water can drop once it hits that ledge then it should never hit the top there (I think?)


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I feel like if my bathroom was flooding to the point where I had to consider breathing through the bog, I’d probably smash the bathroom windows out.


What if all your limbs were broken?

I’d imagine I’d have needed some assistance going to the loo in that scenario and as such I’d call on them for help.
Also if my Limbs were all broken I wouldn’t be able to do that snorkeling as per the diagram.

My instant response to this was HIGH FIVE! and I can’t get it out of my head so I’m going to share it with you all.



A highly detailed description of the Wuzza Process.

Thank you

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I think the flooding situation in the film is obviously utter bullshit. But this is a device to save you from suffocating in a fire, and possibly if you’re in a high-rise or upper floor, since that sort of design of sewer pipe is how it tends to be there, meaning beyond the U-bend will always be a lot of air (of questionable freshness). There’s not going to be water coming up the top.