A Wednesday thread for the ages

Going to the tip shortly. Got something I’m not sure they’ll take - I have had beef with the tip men, previously.

Meeting a mate at the park which will be good, not seen him for ages.

Then zoo later. Busy day for a change.


Absolutely nothing to report.

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I’m staying home.

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Got the wrong granola :sob::sob::sob:

Have a little bit with my porridge as a treat, chocolate or honey and nuts vibe.

Picked up the plain granola so now it’s just wet soft oats and dried hard oats instead of a taste sensation

Off today. Got a house inspection :roll_eyes:. Might disappear to the New Forest for the day. It’s raining.


ran. had some toast and a coffee. now work.

@shinymcshine which animal is the big hitter at the zoo?

which animal are you most looking forward to seeing?
and presuming youre taking a child, which animals do they like?

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There’s something really evocative about a rainy summer’s day. Feels like I should be staring out of a static caravan window.


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


It’s going to be wonderful when future generations of DiS users visit your flat to get a Hoogy Lockdown selfie.


Morning all. I’m off today currently listening to WU LYF - Go Tell Fire To The Mountain while the lad plays with trains and a break every now and again dancing. Not much on today walk down by the canal this afternoon and round the pond. The Moorhens have just had more chicks even though 3/5 survived from the last batch.

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Weirdly they love a Yak. Don’t even know where they learned that one. Quite a small zoo but I think they have snow leopards which will be cool.


The tip lads took it all, total bunch of legendary tip lads (TBOLTL).


“Of Course, we all knew we were seeing something special being born at the time, but I don’t think anyone could have known how big it would become”


Singing this to the tune of ABBA


Oh god, it’s departmental meeting all day today and tomorrow. On the plus side, I don’t have to go to fucking Teeside for it. On the down side, we’ve been told to “wear comfortable clothes” for the first session, which almost certainly means it’s going to be some wfh fitness bollocks, and is also possibly the most redundant instruction ever given. Wasn’t exactly planning on wearing a three piece suit while dialling into a two day long Teams meeting.

Definitely read this as the big Hitler …


Not sure if iy is being a bit naughty or not but R is going to my dad’s for the day because my brain is broken. Think I’ll mostly be tidying the bedroom and listening out for the veg box delivery and hoping I don’t miss it. Was going to try make a chickpea curry but it turns out we don’t actually have chickpeas like I thought (about 50 tins of various beans though). Will I be brave enough to go to my first shop since March to pick some up? Not confident, though this also depends on when the veg arrives.

Excellent underrated album, think I’ll stick it on too



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