A Wednesday thread for the ages

The last time I can say I was there for the whole being into a band thing from the very beginning was WU LYF. 2 of em are doing a Tim’s Listening Party thing on sunday for it.

Think they were the first gig when I realised the potential value of being very smashed instead of having one sensible drink. Very good memories of hollering WE BROOOOS with one of my best friends, both covered in enthusiastically spilled beer

A quick question: due to house reshuffling (because of the lockdown shenanigans that HAVE CONSEQUENCES) the TV’s dressing table is now going to be in the bedroom and that leaves less room for a bedside table. Is a floating shelf in lieu of a bedside table a mad idea? Just somewhere to put night juice and phone and maybe a wee lamp.

bit of a poorly crap factory

Not a bad idea, hotels have that sort of thing all the time don’t they?

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The last time I saw them at The Ritz in town they had a very vocal and large aged 15-17, female contingent of fans. That were a bit weird well not weird more surprising. Also probably the last gig I were the age of the people there roughly matched the age of the band.

Need to have room for the penis beaker too.

I nearly got a pull out (don’t) shelf thing with my bed frame, and that’s basically the same thing.

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Like this

They’re no good when it’s hot as you’ve got to keep the windows shut if you’ve got a floating shelf

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Morning DiS,

I haven’t got any bed chat I’m afraid. No bedside table for me - the lamp is on the mantelpiece above the bed and my glass go on the floor beside the bed.

Bit miserable out, eh? :umbrella:

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It’s Scotland, rarely a problem.

I was expecting a comment about ‘night juice’ but I respect your alternative take.

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Having stuff on the floor next to the bed makes me anxious. Imagine waking up needing a piss and standing on the glass while still half asleep

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Just piss in the glass

That’s your answer to everything

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I am waiting for a mattress

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Morning all!

We’re watching the end of Sing before I hang out some washing, buy some food and find a decent excuse not to go for a run.

The Child needs a new car seat so we’ll probably go to Halfords today too.

We probably need to think about that too. What are the rules these days? They seem to change every couple of years at the moment, so most of the info online is out of date

brain’s gone

one of the guys is doing solo stuff now as Francis Lung and it’s great