A Wednesday thread for the ages

This is how much I was into them back in the day and how annoying they used to be. They used to post music up on their website or a link to a tumblr with music and then delete it the next day that I started ripping the music and saving it. He did some really wonderful original demos like there was a track called Brooklyn Girls which is probably the most “famous” but, there is a really, lovely weird track called “Keep It Brave” he seems to have made a very nice line in making nice songs.

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She was nearly at the upper limits for weight and height for the one we have a few weeks before lockdown and she’s definitely grown since then.

I don’t know if the requirements have changed but we just need a seat that will safely sit a big three year old.

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where are people getting duvet sets from these days? Think i need some new ones but had a look at La Redoute as recommended by a friend and they all had French style envelope closings, so ehhhhhh

I go La Redoute. The openings are annoying but not that bad really.

Question: when I rest my iPhone against the edge of my laptop, the pay thingy gets activated, like when you hold it next to the card reader in a shop. What’s doing that?

some place online that did plain colours in high thread count Egyptian cotton.


M&S or JLew. Got a new bed coming in a couple of weeks, so have been buying new sets as it’s a significant jump up in size

How bored are you currently out of 10

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only a 7 as im currently eating.

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Your laptop will have nfc and its picking that up.


Newcastle Football Club. Black and white kit. Peter Beardsley, Alan Shearer etc


Near field communication. It’s the tech that Apple Pay uses.
Lots of work laptops have it so you can have an extra layer of security like an ID badge with a chip that the nfc reader picks up

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Ah right, it’s the area that has what I assume is the finger print scanner so that’ll be it. Thanks!

You should be able to turn it off if it’s annoying you just type nfc into search and it’ll bring up the settings menu for it.
Might have the options disabled if your work like locking things down

I’ve just done this and you have made my working day 50% less irksome. Thank-you!


Early ABBA lyric drafts had a grimier edge to them


Fuck everything

Morning all. Back to work, on a grey day, in a grey T-shirt and grey shorts. So far, I’ve been soundtracking the day to this Sandman Project EP. I heard them on the radio last night and bought it straight after. It’s really made me miss gigs, tbf – this is the definitely the sort of act who’d be playing in a tiny room with limited air conditioning.

Never been, but looks absolutely lovely.