A weekend in Manchester

My girlfriend and I are going up to Manchester this weekend. We get into Piccadilly before lunch on Saturday, and leave late afternoon on Sunday. We have no concrete plans, other than seeing a bunch of chancers playing a gig on the Saturday evening.

I think I’d like to try and go to the science and industry museum, and also down to Salford Quays. We’ll also want to spend time wandering around Chinatown and the Northern Quarter, too.

Does anybody else have any tips for a pair of young hep cats?

Recommendations for veggie-friendly restaurants and cafes, in particular, welcomed.


This is v similar to my schedule, INTERESTED in this thread :eyes:

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Hello, what’s at Salford Quays that you want to look at please? Out of (genuine) interest.

The Lowry, Imperial War Museum. Modern bridges and buildings.

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Coronation Street studio


A moderately sized pret a manger


I hear a very cool young lady does tours of the city for a reasonable fee?


I don’t think that this would be a good use of our limited time.

This is why I was somewhat surprised by you saying about Salford Quays. The Imperial War Museum is a nice building IMO but the rest of it feels like going to Canary Wharf or something.

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There’s nothing on that weekend though, so I assumed that it wasn’t available.

Unless it is, and we can get a group of us together for a private tour?

you can do mosi, chinatown and the nq all in one day. on saturday id go mosi first, maybe the peoples history museum while youre over there, then walk back throuhg chinatown, have a look at the big arch thing (not much else to see there), maybe go to the art gallery while youre there? maybe go via the gay village as well? about as much to see as chinatown but more drunk people. then shopping in the nq or whatever. sunday you could go to the quays if you want, imperial war museum and the lowry are good, buildings and bridges are ok but difficult to navigate. take a big coat coz salford quays is the windiest place on earth. if i were you id sack off the quays and go to whitworth art gallery instead and go for a curry in rusholme afterwards


we took the 13yo nephew to salford quays to see iwm and he was more excited to see the outside of the corrie studios


Gullivers on Oldham Street is a good pub to visit after (if you’re anything like me) a stint in Piccadilly Records to contemplate which liver you’re going to sell to recoup the costs.

The Crown & Kettle a little further along the road is decent, and do yourself a favour and get a PieMinster from around the corner (the heidi pie should suit any non-dead-animal needs).

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Which type of hepatitis is it…?

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bundobust is good for veg food


Ah man, really want to go back to Manchester now. Between this thread and talking about living in York with a colleague earlier, do you reckon they’d take me back if I asked reaaaaaallllly nicely?

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V rev for vegan junk food then common across the road for drinks.


Get off the train at Piccadilly, jump the barriers and make your way down the ramp. Run the Market Street gauntlet and see if you can avoid being approached by crackheads, SIM card salesmen, chuggers, Jesus people on the walk to Corporation Street.

Make your way back up Market Street and try tp see if you can spot a shop that isn’t boarded up or a Poundland.

Spend some time in Piccadilly Gardens. Don’t let the name fool you. You say you’ve no concrete plans, the Gardens has plenty of the stuff. Marvel at how the Spiceheads sleep standing up in phoneboxes, cheer on the EDL marches, people watch the muggings outside Burger King.

Night is when the City truly comes alive, spend over the odds watching the pissed up men kicking off in the Northern Quarter, stroll down to The Locks and see if you can spot the elusive Pusher.

On Sunday if the City is too much for you Manchester has some beautiful suburbs, Cheetham Hill is the Counterfeit Capital of the UK, Harpurhey is officially the Worst Place To Live In Britain. Feel like splashing out? In Openshawe you can buy an entire street for £1.

Parkas and Gazelles mandatory.


There’s absolutely no reason to visit Salford Quays. It’s basically a huge industrial estate with a load of offices, flats and chain restaurants on, and quite probably the windiest part of the UK.

If you do go, i can only really think of the War Museum, the Lowry, maybe a tour of the BBC, idk. There used to be an incredible mural on the side of the Liverpool Warehouse (right next to the Trafford Road Bridge, which i guess is quite famous) but they got rid of it. The Home of Cricket’s not too far away, i guess…


Some vegan Northern Quarter food suggestions for your consideration;
This & That - lovely Indian place down a back alley that’ll do you a rice and three for about four quid, very nice bhajis also. Think this is only lunchtime
Earth - cafe in the Buddhist centre, get a big massive plate of deliciousness for about a fiver. People are nice in there, cakes are nice in there. They don’t take card. Reckon this is probly only lunchtime also.
Dough - bit more expensive, pizza place with many vegan opts, the real coup de grace is the dessert menu, motherfuckin vegan profiteroles would you believe it!? (nb. not been here in about 3 years, I trust it’s still decent tho).
Evuna - Spanish food, lovely paella but they never seem to have it made before about half 7 so not one if you want an early tea.
Alladin - Indian place, does a nice curry, all of it’s vegan, good value for money. Not as nice as what you’d get at This & That but it does stay open until the evenings.
Pie & Ale - fucking love this place, they do an absolutely belting line in pies, more on the expensive side but very nice if you want to be treating yourself. All sorts of mad things made into pies; recent favourites off the top of my head were a dal pie and a moussaka pie. Get some gravy, get some mash, mushy peas, red cabbage, feel good. Loads of beers also if you’re a beer weirdo but just a nice normal lager or spirts/cocktails if you’re not.
Soup Kitchen - I only ever go at lunchtime for a posh soup & sandwich but if you’re in the market for that they do it every well. Also they have gigs there so you can sit and look at posters and resolve to go to watch a gig and then never buy tickets, great fun.
V Rev already been mentioned, they do all burgers and hotdogs and chips and whathaveyou, so it’s very good if you like that kind of thing. Personally I don’t mind it but would normally prefer to eat something proper (and it is expensive), but I end up in there a lot because Mrs loves it and we’ve been regulars for years and we know people who work there. Interior decor is on point though.

Lived here all my life, not really that enthused about Manchester as a place, but the food is fucking great.