A weekend in Manchester



Booths mate. Booths.


hey @marckee. you really must check out Alice Kettle’s exhibit at the Whitworth. also go and see Martin Parr’s exhibit at Manchester Art Gallery. I think you’ll really like both of those.

I second V Revs as a recommendation for food.

Crown and Kettle is nice for drinks and an interesting and quite special old building. maybe say hi to Bruce and Michelle and tell them you know me, if you can figure out which bartenders they are. just down the road from the Peer Hat.

also try Peveril of the Peak, or at least have a look at it because it’s a beautiful pub. it’s totally fine inside, not remarkable. just a very traditional Manchester pub.


I second Earth, too. been there a couple of times. so cheap and the food’s nice - similar to 8th Day, which I would also recommend. both have a homecooked and unpretentious kind of feel. Earth is just a lovely place to be, in a similar way to how it’s nice to sit in the dining room of a lived-in house and eat food that somebody made for you.

all those other recs are on point and all.

maybe try Pilcrow or Port Street Beer House for beers?

woah, actually, y’know what you need to do on Sunday? go Fairfield Social Club down the road from Piccadilly Station - it’s ‘Plant-Powered Sunday’ at GRUB. gorgeous space, three savoury vegan vendors and one sweet vendor, and a great selection of booze at the bar.


^ seriously dude, go to GRUB on Sunday for defs. opens up at midday.


Wowzers. Loads of excellent suggestions and tips in there. Thanks everyone.

Maybe we’ll not make the trip out to Salford and stay in the city centre then.

I might have to put together a google map for all these (I could then make it public and share it on here for others to use, too).


seconding this - that’s the exact feeling, isn’t it? just like it’s the middle of nowhere, but also there are a bunch of pretty soulless buildings there.

and yeah, fucking hell, it really is windy as anything there.


I mean, I go to Canary Wharf most weekends so it’s not like I’m saying that as a massive criticism but yeah, not somewhere I’d be visiting as a tourist innit (Canary Wharf and Salford Quays that is)


Yeah, but Canary Wharf doesn’t have a large museum and gallery though.

EDIT: or at least, none as noteworthy as the Lowry and IWM


Shake Shack and a Cineworld though innit.


the beauty of manchester city centre is that everythings within walking distance so you’ll be reet


The cloudwater brewery is in a soulless industrial estate but its a 5 minute walk from piccadilly and the tap room and beer are very good, unsurprisingly.


Grub is all vegan on Sundays I think so defo recommend that, dead close to Piccadilly too before you get yer train home.

Can’t recommend Bundobust enough. GBOL. The Indian Tiffin Room is also very good for spicy treats. And yea, This And That will fill you for a fiver. If you want Mexican then Changos burrito is mega.

If you just want something cheap and quick to eat there is an unmarked stall on the corner of Piccadilly Gardens (near the Santander / Burger King if you wanna Google Map it) that knock out jian bings for £3.50 - spicy Chinese omelette / crepe things that are tasty af, I’m eating about three a week atm

Crown and Kettle is probably one of my favourite pubs in the world, lovely building (check the ceiling out) and very reasonably-priced cask with a great selection (plenty of keggy stuff too). A stagger up to the Marble Arch is well worth it as well for cosy old pub vibez. Piccadilly Tap right outside the station may come in useful for you as well if only for the location as you get off the train / just about to head home (20% off takeout from the fridges if you want some #trainbeers although M&S inside the station has a tidy selection too)

Chinatown has a nice arch but not much else to see there really although there’s a little Vietnamese cafe there called I Am Pho which is pretty good.

Wouldn’t bother at all with Salford Quays unless you’re absolutely set on something there.


I’ve replied in the wrong place of course.


AFAIK these are the only places in manchester:

Sinclairs oyster bar
Man Met union
5th ave
Monsoon kebabs

Go home in the train feeling awful


Evuna is great


Csme here to suggest Grub


Highjacking the thread totally, this is useful info for next week so much appreciated!


Came here to mention the Martin parr exhibition at Manchester art gallery… As mentioned above.

Free entry and a few steps from St Peters Square tram stop (or a 10 min walk from city centre)

Well worth a visit to the whole gallery




drove past the science museum yesterday and the air and space hall is currently being renovated. not a massive issue but worth bearing in mind that you might not see it all