A weekend in Manchester



Changos is great but my fav is Panchos in the arndale food market

I’d do This and That for lunch one day and then Panchos for lunch the next day. TBH this was my routine when I worked in the city and now I’m gyming it loads to undo it all!


Panchos burritos are also great. The tapas place in the market ain’t bad either


If no one’s mentioned Hatch on Oxford Road yet that’s nice for a drink or lunch.

Have tou been in John Rylands on Deansgate? Defo do that. Check their site as they do behind the scenes tours which are really good.

Ancoats is the district for proper nice food, fancy stuff and some nice bakeries like Pollen and Trove. Siop shop for a good doughnut in the northern quarter. Its near the mackie mayor, food market in an old meat market.

Refuge is pretty fancy looking in Principal Hotel but i like getting a coffee there as it’s really chilled and pretty.

I second/third/tenth the Martin Parr exhibition but if you havent been to the Whitworth thays a lovely gallery and near Victoria baths which run tours on sunday mornings.

For listings check out Creative Tourist (arts stuff) and Manchester Wire for everything else though its a terrible website.


Am I right in thinking that you’re not doing any tours this weekend?

No worries if not - it looks like I’ve got more than enough to be getting on with.


I’ve got 2 private ones back to back so its not likely i can do another in terms of childcare and that.


Oh and we’re constructing a new bridge called the orsdall chord kind of near the old Granada studios. Dunno if its the kind of bridge you’d be into though


Yardgars is better than this n that. Don’t at me.


Also pm me your email address @marckee and I’ll send you the pdfs of the last guides i wrote


Oh aye. You might like the mercure hotel and city tower. The pattern on the gable ends of city tower is meant to be a computer circuit board and it was all designed to be a modernist masterpiece (spolier: it isnt) Also down the road is the guardian bunker, a nuclear bunker that you can spot from the street though its ugly and you cant get in.

AlSO if you lile bleak dystopian style art the Christ mural in st Augustine’s church (near hatch) is spectacular.

A bit on the mercure on my instagram


I can never decide which is better between Changos and Panchos. The answer is almost always the one I’m eating at the time.


Panchos is bigger, Changos probably better. But panchos for me wins because often you get served by the owner Enrique and he’s a legend. Mexican dude who’s come over here and built a burrito empire


Honestly my last post but the former UMIST campus is quite lovely modernist stuff again and the main, much older building, is a beaut. The floors are alphabetised rather than numbered and there’s an observatory on the top floor (but you can only go in on thursdays) The green dome is made of some sort of papier mache!


Good call. You’ve got the Turing memorial and Vimto park next door as well


cant w8 for saturday m8s






Damnit guys, you’re making me want to go to Manchester again when I can’t go any time soon (not without a toddler in tow anyway and I don’t think he’d be into too much of this).


I reckon he’d be well into the drone/modern classical stuff and the craft beers. toddlers love that stuff, right?


He isn’t adverse to a bit of drone tbf. Too late for reasonable train prices anyway :frowning:

I would like to take R up that way though but am increasingly doubting it being managable (especially the evening/night… in fact, mostly that part).


walked past that bunker so many times and not so much as glanced at it. amazing. gonna have a proper standing still look at it tomorrow.