A weekend in Manchester



Defo going to try and check this out if I can, Turing is a bit of a hero of mine.


I was wondering about that one, actually! having a switched-on indie mum and all. :slight_smile:

:frowning: I really hope it is possible that you could come up on the train some time. maybe when he’s a tiny bit older it would be easier to cope?


It is just the thing of being trapped in wherever we are staying from 7pm because of bedtime, sort of thing that you wouldn’t have to worry about with two parents but rather an issue with one.


There’s a little mosaic of him on Tib St too


Well if it helps i cant make it either for same reasons x


Single parent solidarity :fist:/:frowning:


Love that building and that road.


Loads of good places have been said, but there’s also Idle Hands for coffee and pies, Rudy’s for pizza, Keep Pedalling for bike wankering and the Smithfield for beer. Plenty of veg food at Grub on Saturdays too.

Oh, maybe you’ll enjoy laughing at the monstrosity that’s just been built next to Manchester Central as well.


If you want pizza noi quattro is better than Rudy’s.


Slice is my favourite (but its shut for 2 weeks)


I don’t think I’ve ever had one of their slices sober


I ran a festival where we used it as one of the venues and they made us loads of full size pizzas off menu that were incredible but I’ve never seen on the menu before or after. Some real beauties.




Is it the same menu as LDS?


I believe so


ahh yeah, I get you. difficult one to get around, that. :frowning: x


oh no :frowning:

just nobody to look after Lil’ Scout?


oh yeah, I love Slice too. proper Italian pizza, really affordable too. nice place to hang out, too.

I went there loads last year when I was working at the Peer Hat.


Can i get this too pls? Will paypal some moneys.


Sure. PM me. No need to pay…just don’t publicly share it