A weekend in Manchester



@cutthelights and I are carpooling and hotelpooling down

I hear the Monday Graveyard will be there the handsome prick


check out Lotus vegetarian kitchen :slight_smile:


Bloody hell. I need a six-month ban for that!


and @Roughyed not tried either of these but very much enjoyed pizza at ply on friday


Hatch is pretty cool, but it’s always unsettled me a bit that it was literally home to a massive community of homeless people one week then suddenly a couple of fancy cafés and record shops…and a massive bike compound that about three people use. Gut feeling is the council intentionally displaced them but there’s been surprisingly little hoo-ha about it so maybe i’m seeing bears in the woods that aren’t there, idk.


It was MMU that moved those guys on. Can’t remember what happened exactly but i remember lots of protests about it.


I ate so much slice at carefully planned


Weren’t they on the other side of the road to begin with in the self styled “Ark” it was all round the time there was that protest in St Ann’s Square.


Ply’s alright. They do really good buratta with a lemon dressing at Ply.


I really miss Manchester :frowning:

I was going to mainly echo suggestions from @Scout and @incandenza and I cannot stress enough how good Bundobust is, but of those that haven’t been mentioned, Evelyns is a nice restaurant in NQ that does good vegan/veggie food. Idle Hands and Takk are probably my favourite coffee places around there too.

Going to the Whitworth and going to The Marble Arch are my absolute ‘must-dos’ for anyone going to Manchester though.


Yeah, do this. It’s a great wee pub, well worth the short journey.


Enjoyed sampling the veggie / vegan starters that this relaxed place had to offer:


If you’re looking for a greasy vegan fry up then this is your place:



On the train!

I didn’t get around to doing the Google map. Hopefully no one was waiting on it.




I was eagerly awaiting it marckee and I demand an apology forthwith


Yeah, sorry, I was ill, then out with work and gigs this week and doing other admin and then I had to set up my new phone last night.

I got about five hours sleep last night and am knackered.




I’m tired and not thinking straight.





Sorry I’ve not sent those guides out to those who requested them. Forgot they’re saved on my mac and the charger has been broken since last year.