A Weekend of Football (for the big lads)



A bit light for decent big league games this weekend - Big Sam’s revitilised charges host Boro, Chelsea wrap up the title by beating Swansea. Moyesy returns to Goodison.

Some decent games in the Champo as Wednesday go to Leeds, Derby visit Villa, Brighton play Reading, then the East Anglian derby tomorrow.

Continental games of note - Sevilla v Betis, Marseille v PSG, Feyenoord host PSV, Inter/Roma, and Barca go to Atletico Madrid.



The people’s champion’s elect won’t beat Paul Clements’ rested and fired up Swansea. They never do.


Fifth play sixth in the evening humdinger in Germany, some other games are going on in various tinpot leagues


Leeds need to turn around this recent run of indifferent form. 0-2 to sheff weds :frowning:


The Peoples/Moral Champions are losing at Leicester on Monday night.


Something we can all agree on.


#BIG LEAGUE predos

#aberdeen 2-2 rosco
#celtic 4-0 hamac
#motherwell 3-1 dundee
#partick thistlenil 1-2 :hearts:
#st johnstone 2-0 lee mckilliech’s big boys


we’ve got Derby. nothing more to add really


Can’t believe you’ve omitted to mention the League Cup final tomorrow. Must’ve slipped your mind. I’m actually feeling weirdly confident that United will win it, which will probably mean 3-1 Southampton.


Next weekend, mate.


Brolly busting 1-1 coming up!

taps nose


Wolves were fucking awful last night.

Once that monkey-headed cunt got sent off, we masked the awfulness by running around a bit more but were still ultimately a load of shite.

We’re rapidly turning into the worst team in the Midlands and that takes some fucking doing at the moment.


Weirdly non hyped for old farm tomorrow, despite ooor Mick trying his best to wind us up


Really think Wolves or Villa might go. Lots of games against either play-off hopefuls or six-pointers against fellow strugglers, just two or three against middling sides (Barnsley 9th to QPR in 16th).




I think you’re being very generous to The Accies - I predict at least 6.


Huge game today. Start of a run against teams in the bottom half of the table, meaning a result today and Hull have a chance. Been looking forward to it all week, but fucking hell I’m anxious. I accepted relegation months ago, but Silva has given me hope…

Issue is, Burnley are our bogey team. Something like 13 wins against City from the past 16 games. I’ve been to a few of those, including two losses that could have prevented the drop.


Had any bets, lads?

Gone for this. Probably another 1/5…


Could well be both of us to be honest, Villa have lost 7 of the last 9 and while we’ve been hit and miss all season, we’ve lost 4 on the bounce and the last few performances have been total dog shit by all accounts.

The quid I had one Villa and Leicester to get relegated is starting to look good again though. Might be £25 better off come May…


Taking my son to posh v Rochdale. Should put him off for life.