A wild SUNDAY THREAD approaches!

Morning everyone! :wave: How are you doing today?

My body is still quite wrecked from Friday night where I ended up staying up until 8am :flushed: Spent all of yesterday lying in bed binging GLOW while my back and shoulders felt stiff as a board. On the agenda for today: more of the same though I’m out of food so I’ll have to leave the house at some point. Life is such a chore :cry:

Cold pizza for breakfast though :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Good morning! Work again in a bit, going to be another busy, sweaty one, and I would like to do something else instead please. Still exhausted and the cat has taken to 5.45 as the time I simply must wake up. Can’t wait till the holidays are over and I can stop fucking moaning about everything.

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Anglos a Sunday Rarity, Funky, those yet to join

No plans here other than a vague notion of leaving the house to get R knackered out by bedtime. Think we might actually have the house to ourselves for a bit this afternoon though, which probably hasn’t happened for months.

Got the morning sads :confused:

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Going to a wedding in a bit.

Looking forward to having a few beers in the sun, if nothing else.

It’s going to be 28 degrees and we’ve got the absolute cop out of soup, casserole and crumble as a meal ffs.

^this :frowning::hugs:

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Going to Wrestling tomorrow, nowt planned today, a spot of wrestling at BOAT. Fantastic weather for it.

Got woken up by a fly buzzing in my ear. Its a cheeky wee cunt. 30 minutes later and it’s still flying up to my face then clearing off for another 20 seconds. It’s too smart to catch or kill. Way too quick. So I’ve made my peace with it. He is here to stay. He is my life now.


Morning all.

Today is my 12th wedding anniversary. Clearly my wife is the most patient and tolerant of souls.


Happy Anniversary Mr & Mrs Weeber! :tada::champagne:


Today is Mrs casinobay’s 15 year lung-iversary.

If becoming a donor is something you have considered but haven’t got round to yet then PLEASE do. You don’t even need to get yourself a donor card.Just tell a family member (or 2) that it’s something you’d like to do.


Morning all :wave:

Beautiful day isn’t it? I’m going to meet @anon19035908 to pick up my new caravan and then plan to spend the following couple of hours clogging up the A38.


I’m afraid there’s been a delay. The caravan is not yet available. I can offer you a cash alternative or Maplin vouchers.

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Going to the Cricket and I’m going to get merry.

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My daughter had her fifth party yesterday and the best gift was a disco ball light. I’m lying in her bed while they play.

Got a shit load of things to do today. Hoover and clean the whole house, cut the grass and weed and tidy outside massively, and get groceries and shit.

Meeting a pal at the pub tonight. I’m 184 days sober today, so I’ll be having softs. I feel so much more free knowing I won’t drink.


:coffee: :bread: + :fire:

BBBQ later. Just me and the TV though so nice and laid back.

Gonna watch yesterday’s match of the day and vuelta stage first.

Happy celebrations to everyone having a birthday, anniversary, bank holiday etc

To those having to work :hugs:


Local, County or the ashes ?

The standards of all them.(The Ashes)


Work innit. Here until 6. Bleak

Great day for it :slight_smile: enjoy!

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I’m now very much regretting not ordering pizza last night, just so I could have saved some for breakfast.